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Monday, February 28, 2011

Excerpts and practice materials from Tom Puwalski's Klezmer Book

Here's what you've all been waiting for!!! Materials from Tom Puwalski to learn Klezmer clarinet styles. If you have trouble viewing the material, send me an email and let me know. Have fun and happy practicing!

Tom's introductory notes:

It was a good day at Kasa Klezmer, Guns and Moses (My "E" band) had a minion, and we recorded a tune, Purim Niggun. Thanks To Jennifer Brenner, who emailed me the C lead sheet, I told her I'd transpose it into Bb for her. She has Andy Statman's wonderful DVD and the music was in C, so just a rundown of the technology that is coming into play. Last night Jen got me the 4 pieces of music that were on the DVD, I printed them out. I went to scan them into Photo Score Ultimate, I scanned one corrected a few of the chords that were miss-read, sent it to sebius (music typesetting program) and printed it to disk. I did learn that Photo score will read PDFs so the other 3 tunes I didn't need to scan hard copy. I leaned something. I then when to Band in the box loaded the chords set it on Stun and Guns and Moses was ready  saved the file to Midi, opened it up in Garage Band recoded the clarinet. I was using my Zoom H2 as the Mic/ interface, Bb Leblanc Symphonie, Vandoren M30(i know how much you clarinet geeks crave such info) and my trusty Legere Student reed.

First, Listen to Tom's interpretation:

Second, try it slowly with Tom's back track:

Finally, play it a tempo with Tom's back track:

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