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Friday, February 4, 2011

What I am listening to today, Claudia Quintet and Pachora... Clarinetist Chris Speed

I met the guys from Claudia Quintet when I was in undergrad. I went to a very small school, but fortunately had some very hip teachers that brought groups like the Claudia Quintet in to talk to students. Chris Speed is the clarinetist with the group, and he also plays tenor saxophone. He has another group that I really like called Pachora. You've got your own Google machine... so give them a Google when you get a chance. The guys in these bands have tons of projects aside from the two I've just mentioned.

So here's two samples:

1: Claudia Quintet video:

2: Pachora sampler on Amazon (track 2, Paidushko, is my favorite):

Pachora on Amazon

Happy listening!

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